The Magic Of Today – 3 Steps To Live In The Eternal Now!

The Magic Of Today – 3 Steps To Live In The Eternal Now!

The magic about living in today is to try and be in the present, that’s why they call it a gift. Yesterday is always a memory, tomorrows always a mystery, all we have is today. Quotes and great thoughts for living in today have been around for centuries. The pop-psychology genres have been preaching its benefits through books, CD’s and DVD’s. More often than not it takes some people to experience a personal tragedy to refocus their energies to the truly important things in life, family, friends and good health.

With the recent economic melt-down referred to as “The Great Recession”, most people have been forced to refocus and reprioritize their lives and how they are living on what is truly important to them. Many times the only way out of a difficult situation is through!

I believe that we should not wait until tragedy strikes or an economic slump hits until we “stop and smell the roses”. Here are 3 suggestions on how to help you get more out today.

1) Realize that in one hundred years your current problems won’t matter.

This will help you to understand that nothing lasts forever and helps to provide much needed perspective. This is not to say that life won’t deal us some curve balls now and again. It is meant to give us perspective to our challenges and to recognize that “this too shall pass” and that nothing lasts forever. Many of the world’s most dynamic achievers have experienced many tough challenges throughout their lives and were able to come out the other end of the challenge better people.

2) Live in the heart not the head.

Have you ever noticed how retired people, when confronted with a personal challenge do not get all stressed out over things they cannot control. They recognize that tomorrow will be another day bringing with it more of life’s beauties. This may occur because seniors live in the heart not the head. Many seniors have gone through many triumphs as well as tragedies’. If you take things in stride and smile with a positive attitude and disposition you get through most anything.

3) Smile more – as smiles are always gladly returned.

According to recent research published by the University of Chicago’s Wellness Lab. Optimists – people who think more positive thoughts are more likely to live 8 years longer than Pessimists. Many of us have taken Psychology 101, where we were introduced to the concept of the “self-fulfilling prophecy”. That which we think about most has a powerful impact on our sub-conscious, conscious and emotional and physical well-being. In other words, if you continually think bad or negative thoughts bad things will happen to you including physical and mental distress and illness.

So let’s make it a point, on a daily basis to see the good in everyone and everywhere. It makes this journey we call life and living a lot more positive and fun. Make time to tell the people you love how important they are to you. Smile more. Live in the present with a positive sense of expectantcy. You’ll be amazed at the results.

Doug Dvorak is a motivational speaker with vast experience in helping a wide range of companies and employees. His captivating style and humor have made him a popular speaker for a huge variety of issues.

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