Taking Care of Your Home Security System

Taking Care of Your Home Security System

For the many homeowners who have done their research and decided on a home alarm system for themselves and their families, it’s a great step in the direction of security and home peace. And so much of the time, homeowners have fortunately made this decision preemptively, rather than as a result of a bad experience. Doing the reading and research for choosing the right kind of home security system for their home, most people also come across many helpful tips for other ways of maximizing the effectiveness of the system.

These other tips for safety in the home usually involve common-sense approaches on everything from making sure to leave lights on if you leave the house for an extended period of time to simple words of wisdom like “close the windows” or “lock the front door.” Homeowners might chuckle at these so-called insider tips, but then chuckle at themselves when they realize how many times they’ve forgotten to do simple things. One of the main factors in robberies is simply forgetfulness. Someone forgot to lock a door, or they forgot to tell the mailman not to deliver mail for the week-long vacation period, and an astute criminal was able to take advantage of this forgetfulness.

Don’t let the mere presence of a home security system make you more forgetful than usual! The number one lapse that leads to homes with alarm systems being robbed is this: forgetting to turn the alarm on. People forget to turn the alarm on when they go to bed. They have a diligent daily routine that involves turning the alarm on when they go to work, forget one morning, and two weeks later it’s never armed. Don’t slip into this pattern! No number of stickers and signs advertising a state-of-the-art system is going to do any good if a burglar breaks in and doesn’t hear an alarm. And think of all that money spent on the home security system that was just wasted. If homeowners make the investment to install a system, they have to make the investment to teach all members of the family how to use that system properly.

Likewise, it’s important to make sure that the maintenance and care of the home security system is up to par. If there’s a recommended minimum test period for someone from the alarm company to come by and check to make sure all of the zones and sensors or working, don’t let that lapse and lapse and lapse. People who aren’t trained professionals aren’t going to be able to understand or repair the delicate amount of wiring involved, and days and weeks of thinking the alarm is turned on might actually be days and weeks of leaving the house more vulnerable. Likewise, upon the initial installation of the system, be sure to find out what replacement parts you do need and can handle. For example, if they’re installing motion sensor lights outside, be sure to write down the name of the bulb so you can replace it yourself. Likewise, if there is anything that requires batteries, like a monitor or the panel where you arm and disarm the system, ask the person doing the installation to teach you how to change the battery. This is a quick and easy way to save money on non-essential calls to the company for help.

Getting the most out of your home alarm doesn’t have to be rocket science. The helpful folks at adt home security will teach you how to maximize the system that you’ve got and keep it working well enough to protect your home for years to come.

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