Take an Organised Approach to Packing

Take an Organised Approach to Packing

All too often, Australians rush through the process of packing, turning their relocation into an absolute nightmare. Few of us realise what a significant difference taking an organised, efficient approach can make. Below, we take a look at a few tried and true tips for making relocating – and packing – easier.

Below, we highlight each of these important steps so that the next time you have to do Brisbane removals, you’ll be as prepared as possible.

#1: Inventory Everything –

Room by room, notebook in hand, make a list of everything that will be coming with you to your new home. What’s the point of this? It’s to make sure that you really know and realise just how many things you’ll be packing up. It’s amazing how easy it is to underestimate – or overestimate – the number of belongings you actually have. Putting everything down on paper helps put it in perspective.

#2: Get A Quote For Removal –

Once you know all of your requirements, initiate the process of obtaining removal quotes. You’ll get a better idea about how much you’ll have to spend to get your things from here to there. Doing this ahead of time also helps ensure that you get a fair, reasonable price. Since you’ll have your inventory handy, you’ll be able to tell the removalist precisely how many things you’re packing.

#3: Give Away Or Sell The Things You Don’t Want –

Go through the inventory list and circle or highlight unnecessary items. Throw a garage sale, post them online or otherwise toss them away. Why bring useless things with you? They’ll just create unwanted clutter in your new home.

#4: Book The Removal –

In the midst of your garage sale and other planning, take a good hard look at the removal quotes you’ve received. After carefully considering all of your requirements, arrange a removal company offering you an ideal package based on your requirements. Removing that task out of the way will make the reminder of the process less stressful.

#5: Find Out About Insurance –

Before the big day is at hand, find out whether you require or could benefit from any type of insurance. Protecting your belongings is important, and can keep you from wasting a lot of money down the road.

#6: Arrange Storage –

Sometimes, we have to move to smaller places than we came from; other times, we’d rather leave certain things behind without throwing them out entirely. In those cases, storage is a great option. Find out if you’ve got anything that needs to be stored, and plan accordingly.

#7: Pack It Up –

With everything else out of the way, go ahead and pack things up! You’ll be on your way in no time.

The best, most experienced Brisbane removalists will agree that preparing to pack is just as vital as the packing itself. Having all of your ducks in a row and knowing what goes where, goes a really long way toward making Brisbane removals easy. The team at Anset Removals recommend: Don’t dread the packing: prepare for it!

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