Although most every financial and insurance advisor says they desire to have more affluent clients, so few actually achieve that goal. This disparity motivated me to contact 25 managers in the financial and insurance industries to determine why this is so. As Michael Sendwick, a 20-year manager of financial teamsRead More →

A lot of websites offer free games for children. Most of us, especially the parents, believe that these free games are arcade games that expose the children to violence and obscenity. However, this isnt true for most of these free games. There is a surplus of other genres you canRead More →

I think of at least four key ways of giving when I think about giving in an organizational or professional context. • Monetary gifts: Yes, money. People love the stuff. Lots of firms in lots of industries are hurting right now, thus using money as a “thank you” will beRead More →

With all the opportunities available to earn cash on the internet, paid surveys are an easy way to get some extra money. So, it’s only natural that computer-savvy teens everywhere are wondering if they can get in on it, too. After all, teens are up on all the latest trendsRead More →

For the many homeowners who have done their research and decided on a home alarm system for themselves and their families, it’s a great step in the direction of security and home peace. And so much of the time, homeowners have fortunately made this decision preemptively, rather than as aRead More →

The internet has completely changed the shipping industry, and thanks to this technology, small package shipping is easier than ever before for customers. That includes all phases of the shipping process, from getting shipping quotes to tracking packages for confirming delivery. So, just how many different ways has the internetRead More →

If you’ve been trout fishing for a few years, you’re probably interested in taking your trout fishing to the next level. Some trout anglers aren’t interested in such things and are fine with just catching eight to fifteen inch trout. For those of you who want to do better, asRead More →