Overcoming Shyness – The First Steps to Take

Overcoming Shyness – The First Steps to Take

Overcoming shyness is a real challenge for some people, who almost instinctively feel uncomfortable around others. The reasons for shyness vary from person to person, but there are ways to tackle and examine them that can yield results.

Rule number one is that you actually have to want to change. If you are shy and suffer some social setback, then there is always initial pain and frustration. Overcoming shyness requires you to have a firm desire to tackle your social anxiety not just the day after, but weeks after. It needs to become a significant lifestyle decision, rather than merely a desire for things to somehow be better. Like most things, the effort put in will be what defines results.

So once you have expressed that firm desire to tackle and look at overcoming shyness then you have to consider what steps to take. It is definitely best to look at things incrementally and take small steps to try and build confidence and prepare yourself for any future occasion.

Rule number two is try and do some research! If you are going to a party or a business function, small talk is there. It’s horrible, it can be boring, and it’s something I personally hate doing. However, its the way into a more meaningful discussion. So, make sure you have something to talk about. If you have seen the latest blockbuster film, or top TV show, they are good points to start. Think about them, and have some opinions to share. Or make sure you are up to date with current hot news topics. You don’t have to impress with something profound or revolutionary, but this tip will help you a) not be tongue tied and b) give the other person a chance to talk about their opinion, which is what most people really want to do. So you seem tuned into events, and a good listener too.

Finally, if you do try something to overcome shyness, try and be positive about the results. Everyone sometimes gets knockbacks, even the super rich and famous. So be positive about making the effort and not being alone at home in your bedroom.

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